True Story Training for K-12 Teachers: Introduction and Overview (O/D)


Welcome to Module 1, The Story Engine, of True Story Training for K-12 Teachers.

What to do

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What You Will Learn

This Lesson introduces the content, philosophy and learning outcomes for:

Module 1: The Story Engine

Nobody can analyse and write effective narratives without knowing how great stories truly work. In this module, you will review the education science and story industry expertise, and analyse examples of children’s fiction. This will enable you to understand and teach the defined and proven elements that combine to make great stories.


Confidently apply the practical methods you will use in the classroom. Teach your students to comprehend, plan and write effective narratives using a single proven method. Your students will do this by learning a single set of narrative rules that are proven to both authentically engage audiences and be easy and engaging to write and comprehend.

Why is this information important?

So that you understand the scope, schedule and outcomes of Module 1, The Story Engine.

SAMPLE Teacher's Manual and Worksheets

This is a sample only. If you are enrolled, the full document will be available to you in Lesson 1.